taste of the streets,
in every bite..

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About Us

At Lesfo, our team is dedicated to providing customers with a great experience and delicious food. Our team consists of experienced chefs, food safety experts, and customer service professionals. We are co mitted to providing customers with a safe and enjoyable experience. Our chefs are experienced in cooking traditional dishes of that area with some new and unique creation of own. Our food safety experts ensure that all of our food is cooked fresh and with the highest quality ingredients. Our customer service professionals are dedicated to providing customers with a great experience.

About Project

The biggest reason that we all loves to eat street food is that it's way more economical or cheap than the food of Restaurants / Hotels. Street food is very cheap and good in taste and economical for every person and that's why the major chunk of that class prefers street food the most. But everybody knows that street food is not so hygienic and not very healthy compared to restaurants, but still, people love to eat street food because of the large varieties available at a cheaper price. It is mostly people from middle class and lower middle class who want to taste a variety of food at an affordable price indulge into street food.


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